Katie Strand


Katie Strand has over 15 years experience in documentary, telelvision, film and music production, and is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker*.

Credits include...

Original music for:
PBS: Autistic-Like: Graham's Story
48-hour film projects: 4 original songs for projects directed by Emmy-winner Carl Hansen

TV Networks/Projects:
PBS: American Masters: Carol Burnett; Bob Newhart; Sammy Davis Jr.
PBS: Make 'em Laugh; Broadway Musicals;
FOX: Trading Spouses
NBC: Crime & Punishment
Rehab: Party at The Hard Rock Hotel - Vegas

Commercial & Music-Video Projects:
Deadpool 2
Time Warner
Burger King
Robin Thicke

*Nanking (HBO) - Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Historical Programming; Emmy-nominated for Outstanding Achievement in a Craft - Research; Sundance - Editing Award; Tribecca
Ella Fitzgerald (Universal Music Group)


I have composed original songs for The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler as well as original songs based on scripts, concepts, poems, anniversaries, stories, etc... I love to collaborate! We work together and I take your input and feedback to craft an original song for your project, loved one, or event! 100% money-back guarantee! Every collaborator has been extremely happy with the song I've created for them!

  • Category: Songwriting Services
  • Duration: 08:00 Hours

Price:$1500 $500


  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
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